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UKFlying is proud to recommend Vantage Aviation for all EASA helicopter licences and ratings. They have a modern fleet of aircraft, excellent student feedback and offer the most cost effective way of gaining helicopter licences and ratings.


Vantage Aviation is a world leading specialist aviation company, operating from locations in the UK, USA and Asia.


An internationally diverse team of experienced aviators deliver specialist helicopter instruction. PPL (H), CPL (H), IR (H), FI (H), Type ratings, management, charter (plus cost share) and specialist courses.


EASA and FAA certified Vantage Aviation deliver training excellence through a trusted team of highly professional and experienced former military aviators and instructors. All instructors have a minimum 3000 hours. Training is delivered in both the UK and USA with over 8 aircraft and 2 simulators. 


  • LAPL (H), LAPL (H) Extension,  LAPL (H) to PPL (H) upgrade Courses.

  • PPL (H) Course – CPL (H) Course.

  • IR (H) Course – SE IR; the cheapest IR in Europe.

  • PPL, CPL and IR Theory Courses and Brush up (on site accommodation available in UK and USA).

  • Type Rating Courses (in UK and USA)

  • FAA Helicopter Certificates/Ratings – Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII, ATP prep – all from our Tampa Florida base.

  • Simulator onsite in USA (AATD) and a FNPT II at Kemble in the UK.

  • Specialist Contract delivery.

  • Aircraft Management.

  • Helicopter services such as Load Lifting, photography, survey, aerial inspections.

  • On site accommodation in UK and USA (Bath in the UK and in Tampa, Florida in the USA).

  • Specialist skills.



Vantage Aviation Limited has been approved by the CAA to conduct Single Engine IR courses in the UK on the Bell 206 Long Ranger  G-OSAR. The aircraft is unique; it was built by Bell as a IFR helicopter and is capable of conducting IFR training (NDB, VOR, ILS) and most importantly is also PBN compliant.

The aircraft is fitted with a 3 axis auto pilot and dual electrical and instrumentation.

2019 Cabri Course Prices

Vantage Aviation is pleased to announce some amazing deals on Instructional packages on our Glass cockpit Cabri G2.  Learn with the best at an amazing price.  All prices include, fuel, aircraft, oils, airport fees, circuit fees and when dual – the Instructor! (with over 3000 hours experience…).  There are no hidden charges!

Flight Instruction in a glass cockpit Cabri G2!

10 hour block at £3190 (£319 per hour!)

20 hour block at £6180 (£309 per hour!)

PPL block (35 hours Dual and 10 hours solo hire) at £13,235 (That is £299 dual per hour and £277 solo!)

Plus!  Once you complete a full PPL(H)  course you can hours build in the UK (or USA) at £269 per hour (when bought in 10 hour blocks).

We also provide accommodation at £20 a night!

For more information and to book please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Valid for 2019! (Prices quoted are ExVAT)


An internationally diverse team of experienced aviators delivering specialist helicopter instruction – operating globally with the understanding of different safety regulations, and respect for the important cultural differences of our students and clients from around the world.

We pride ourselves on trusted team spirit with highly professional approach, and proven success bourne from exceptional aviation pedigree, across many disciplines.

Capable under pressure and able to focus on output to a higher standard, Vantage Aviation puts safety and client care at the very forefront.


All aircraft Commanders and Instructors with Vantage Aviation have a helicopter Commercial Pilots Licence with Flying Instructor rating (ATPL (H) FI)), as well as a commercial Aeroplane license with instrument rating (CPL (A)), and have in excess of 5000 hours total time.

Our instructors are vastly experienced  – they have significant hours by day and night in many types of Helicopters.

Previous appointments have included; Base and Squadron Command.  Central Flying School Examiners, Test Pilots, Operational pilots in Apache, Wildcat, Sea King, Merlin, Lynx, King Air, AW109, AW139, Sikorsky S76C++ and D,  Sea Harrier and Opsrey.  All have impeccable safety and experience record.  All have EASA licences and many have Dual EASA and FAA.  Key post holder has EASA, FAA and Fixed and Rotary Wing licences.​​

Please contact Vantage Aviation for more information:

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