Pathway Pilot Training ( is a specialist independent ATPL(A) ground school; the quality of our reference materials and teaching is second to none.  You do not have to take our word for it - please look at the endorsements and testimonials we have had from previous students on our website and Facebook page.  


We specialise in Residential courses that run continuously starting every 2 months.  We have on our books a number of students from other schools who have struggled with ATPL courses elsewhere, including from the large integrated schools where the tough pace, inflexible approach and large class sizes do not suit many people.  These large integrated schools charge about twice our price and their dropout rate is high.  With modular schools, you get what you pay for and our course is very good value for money.  Some ground schools are subsidised by their own flight training, often using very inexperienced FIs as ground instructors who have no airline experience and may have just be hours building to complete their licences.  Best not to go there.


Our DL courses are flexible and you work to an individual study plan agreed in advance to suit your needs.  Our teaching schedules are geared to the CAA Exam Centre in Ayr, Scotland, with intense brush-up days in each subject available before taking the exams to ensure that you are well prepared.  Included in the course is a full set of Padpilot iBooks with inbuilt CBT progress tests, a year’s subscription to the AvExam Question Bank (current best source of previous exam questions), attendance at up to 12 brush-up days and unlimited access to the TKIs for advice during the course.


Our class sizes are relatively small, so you get good individual tuition from our expert and highly experienced ATPL instructors.  We use PadPilot iBooks as reference material – the best on the market and used by many good ground schools. The CAA exams are usually taken at a reasonable pace in batches of 3 to optimise your results which has worked very well for recent students.  Exactly 50% of our graduates over the last year have managed to achieve an average exam mark for the 14 subjects in excess of 90% and only one got an average of less than 85%.  Recent students have managed to secure first airline jobs straight away with Ryanair, Flybe and Loganair.  All excellent jobs for building airline experience and flying skills.


We are conveniently located in Rosyth Europarc (10-minute drive from Edinburgh Airport just off the M90 and with easy ground transport links) with plenty of reasonably priced overnight accommodation nearby.  Visitors always welcome!

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