Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL) 

Each MPL course is bespoke to a partner airline and designed for a specific aircraft type. Training incorporate airline specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) from an early stage, with airlines mentoring pre-selected cadets through a customized course, then on to type, base and line training on a specific aircraft. Taking about 18 months to achieve license issue, line training and employment with the mentoring airline then commences.

This is an expensive route with high risk. If you fail the course late on, then you're left with no licence and no job having spent a lot of money. There are a few providers offering these courses.

For more information and assistance with any of the MPL options please get in touch with one of our EASA qualified instructors here at UKFlying. UKFlying offer free, independent advice and are able to assist you make the best choices in gaining your commercial pilots licence.

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