UKFlying highly recommends Jet MASTERCLASS as the UK’s leading ATO for high quality training.  With a wealth of experience and expertise in the professional pilot training arena, including APS MCC, type rating and Instructor/Examiner training, JMC are well placed to provide a wide range of high quality ATO products and services.  They have an in-house EASA certified B737-800 simulator that is fully licensed and supported by Boeing, with worldwide database and wrap-around visual display.  Located in Manor Royal’s ‘sim city’ just a few minutes from Gatwick airport, their centralised location, access to sister-ATOs (Boeing, CAE etc.) and airline management teams, place them in a unique and unrivalled position to support their customers. Here are the details from their website:




A very warm welcome to Jet MASTERCLASS.

We are the UK’s leading ATO for high quality, customer-focused training offering a variety of EASA certified courses from Enhanced MCC Training to Airline Pilot Standards (APS MCC) through to Examiner Standardisation (TRE/SFE) training.  Our courses are designed from the ground-up by pilots, for pilots, with a focus on achieving excellence.  The company is owned and managed by active Instructors with a vested interest in improving standards and enhancing flight safety.




Our training centre is in the heart of London Gatwick’s simulator training hub, surrounded by airline management teams, active pilots, Instructors and Examiners frequently using our facilities.  We feel very strongly about providing our customers with the highest quality training environment that extends beyond the simulator and classroom.  We have included some pictures of the simulator and facilities for your information.




We work within a community of some 60-70 Boeing standardised Instructors and Examiners, so we have the depth of experience to provide the highest quality training products on the market.  Our Instructors enjoy working with us and feel empowered to express themselves when delivering our courses.  By providing them with the right training tools in the right environment, you will undoubtedly benefit from their wealth of experience, expertise and training flair.




Our in-house high-fidelity B737-800W fixed-base simulator is a Boeing-licensed device supported by a worldwide LIDO navigation database and full wrap-around visual display.  Manufactured by MPS in The Netherlands, it is the best device of its class on the market, and the same device utilised by Ryanair for pilot assessments, type-rating and recurrent training on their network.  With high-quality training at the heart of our ethos, our courses will likely include an element of full-motion training at one of our satellite locations (typically Boeing, located next door).  Our APS MCC course, for example, includes 4 hours of FFS training to ensure exposure to high speed ‘g buffet’ and low speed approach to stall, an essential element of jet handling when trained properly.


Our satellite training locations (Boeing & Quadrant) provide access to a range of full-motion simulators including A320, B737NG, B737MAX, B757, B777, B787.




We care about your wellbeing and take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to managing your overall training experience.  Ensuring your readiness for the airlines is a much wider undertaking than simply learning to fly the aeroplane, so we take a ‘whole person’ approach to training which means we’ll treat you as a professional airline pilot from day 1, we’ll manage fatigue, and most importantly ensure that the overall training experience is positive and enjoyable.  We have a gym and shower facilities onsite which help mitigate that natural ‘afternoon lag’ in energy levels, plus a library and comfortable lounge providing a quiet and relaxing environment.




We offer a range of products and services designed to provide our customers with the highest quality training experience at a very affordable price.  Here follows a list of our services:


  • Enhanced MCC Training to Airline Pilot Standards (APS MCC)

  • Examiner (TRE/SFE) Standardisation

  • ICAO-to-EASA ATPL Conversion (in partnership with UKFlying)

  • Airline-specific (or generic) simulator preparation

  • Licensing Proficiency Checks (LPCs)

  • ATPL unfreeze

  • Simulator dry-hire

  • Specialist curriculum development services

  • Corporate events and vouchers

  • Leadership development programme (“Leading from the Left Seat”)

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