The course consists of a minimum of 15 hours, all dual instruction, with a written examination and skill test. The pilot must have completed 25 hours post-PPL flying before the rating can be issued.


Applicants with current or expired IMC ratings in national licences who wish to keep their privileges in EASA aircraft in future (from April 8 2014) are advised to convert to an EASA PPL before that date, claiming the IMC rating as an IR(R) on conversion. If the IMC rating is current, the IR(R) will be issued to the same expiry date as the IMC rating. If the IMC rating has lapsed, the I/R(R) will be noted on the back of the licence as a rating which could be renewed in future.


The privileges of the IR(R) allow:


  • you to fly UK registered aeroplanes in UK airspace


  • flight in IMC outside controlled airspace, (in Class G) and IFR flight in Class D or E controlled airspace with appropriate permission


  • flight out of sight of surface with a minimum take off and landing in 1500m visibility


  • Let-down and Approach Procedures to published Decision Height or Minimum Descent Height and to undertake missed approach procedures. The CAA recommends adding 200ft to the minima plus a not below of 600ft for non-precision and 500ft for precision approaches.

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