CRM Aviation offer really competitive price courses from their White Waltham base. UKFlying has only ever received positive feedback about their course and we recommend this company for MCC and JOC training. Here are the details from their website:


CRM Aviation

Incorporated in 2008 CRM Aviation Europe Limited is the UK’s most popular modular EASA ATO delivering JOC, MCC and UPRT-A training.



Why CRM Aviation

+ We want to make you as 'employable' as possible.

+ We have been an established provider of JAA and now EASA approved MCC training for over 8 years.

+ We train around 130 JOC/MCC customers every year.

+ We were the first independent modular MCC school to achieve Part FCL Part ORA status under EASA regulations.

+ We are straight talking and always deliver on our promise.

+ We deliver our courses (JOC/MCC) with highly experienced, high hour instructors who have all held distinguished careers as Captain's with extensive airline training and command experience. UPRT-Ai's are Boeing 737/747 rated and highly accomplished competition aerobatic pilots.

+ We have the perfect simulator platform to ensure core MCC skills are learned without distraction of aircraft type.

+ Our simulator has a 99.9% annual reliability/serviceability record.

+ We do not overcharge for courses that don't need to be overpriced.

+ We have good class sizes, typically 6 delegates during ground school (MCC). This encourages healthy debate during ground school and sharing of learning experiences.

+ Each delegate is professionally treated like a customer, and not a processed statistic.

+ There is no need to book with a partner - we will allocate a partner for you.

+ We have a proven track record of our customers successfully securing airline and commercial flying positions.

+ We are well known and respected by main carriers throughout the world and indeed have relationships with these operators.

+ We are Ministry of Defence ELC accredited.

+ Our UPRT-A Slingsby T67 Firelfly's are owned and operated in house for UPRT-Aeroplane.

+ We are totally unique in being able to deliver JOC - MCC - UPRT-A, all under one roof and ATO, all owned by us.


Course Prices


JOC  £750

MCC £1950

JOC/MCC £2650

UPRT-A - £1495

Details on CRM Aviations UPRT course can be found here.

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