This page will be used to keep all aspiring and qualified EASA / CAA pilots updated on changes to the regulations, courses and advice related to COVID-19:

Advice on what to do depending on your stage of training will be released daily via the Facebook and Instagram UKFlying pages. Follow for updates: 

For the majority of pilots the CAA extensions and exemptions are detailed in ORS4 No 1384 and 1385, which are linked below. UKFlying can assist with extending SEP, TMG, MEP, IR, IR(R) and IMC ratings. This is a completely free service helping out pilots during these difficult times and is completed remotely. If one of the ratings above expires between 16 Mar 20 and 31 Oct 20, then it can be extended to 22 Nov 20. Please get in touch if you require one of our instructors or examiners to extend your rating:

Link to CAA page for extensions, waivers, changes etc. The COVID-19 items are all pre-fixed with COVID-19.

  • 3 Sep - Further PPL and NPPL medical extensions.

  • 18 Jun - CAA have recommenced initial IR and CPL flight tests.


  • 13 May - ORS4 No1386. Extension to the 6 month EASA rule to licence issue following a skills test: The exemption provides alleviation from the six-month time limit recently applied to the skills test or assessment of competence by the recent amendment to EU Legislation (that states the individual must apply for the licence, rating or certificate within 6 months from the date the skill test or assessment of competence was taken).

  • 29 Apr - CAP1913 released which details the CAA exemptions in an easy-to-read format. Click here for the guide.

  • 29 AprSuspension of all initial CPL and IR Test Bookings. This is from the CAA: In line with Government restrictions, all initial CPL and IR tests are currently cancelled. Whilst the lockdown period continues, no flight test bookings will be accepted by the CAA, as these are deemed to be non-essential activities. The CAA has a duty of care to the examiners who carry out these tests on its behalf, and we cannot guarantee their safety during these tests at this time. Once we are in a position to restart booking for CPL and IR tests, updated guidance will be published. It should be noted that appropriate extensions to the validity of recommendations have been or are being put into place.

  • 28 Apr - ORS4 No1384 and No 1385 replace No1367 and No1374 respectively. Only minor changes and a newly created CAA SRG1100F form has been added.

  • 15 Apr - ORS4 No1378 is a reissue of ORS4 No1376 (below).

  • 17 Apr - GA flights for maintenance checks, ferry, and engine health under COVID-19. These are now allowed but there are strict rules which can be found on the CAA website.

  • 9 Apr - ORS4 No1376 is very similar to No1374 detailed below but is for holders of UK Flight Crew Licences (Not EASA). Extensions are possible to 22 Nov 20 if your rating expires between 16 Mar 20 and 31 Oct 20. 

  • 7 Apr - This is a big list of extensions for a variety of ratings and licences for people who don't work under Part-ORO as mentioned in previous exemptions. Read it carefully as there might be actions to keep your licence current, like receiving a remote brief from an instructor/examiner. ORS4 No 1374 (now No1385): This exemption deals with the extension of validity and other time periods for EASA licences, ratings, privileges, endorsements and certificates of aeroplane and helicopter pilots, instructors and examiners.

  • 3 Apr - ORS4 No.1370: Exemption from the Requirement for Holders of Part-FCL Private Pilot Licences and Light Aircraft Pilot Licences to hold an EASA Part-MED Medical Certificate when Operating EASA Aircraft. This 7-month exemption is granted to allow UK EASA PPL (H&A) and LAPL (H&A) holder to continue to operate UK EASA aircraft having made a medical self-declaration in order to reduce demand on the AMEs during the on-going COVID-19 outbreak. Read the text carefully and requires action by 8th April 2020.

  • 1 Apr - Department for Transport (UK) have advised against recreational General Aviation (GA) flying due to government advice. There is no formal ban unlike other European countries.

  • 24 Mar - More licence validity extensions, but only if you operate under Part-ORO. This doesn't cover PPL or CPL holders who don't work for an airline or commercial aviation company (doesn't include flying schools). 

  • 24 Mar - Almost all aviation training schools and support companies are now closed. Some flying schools are now providing ground school via video link.

  • 20 Mar - As a consequence of the severity of the current COVID-19 outbreak and its impact worldwide, the CAA has decided to delay the implementation of its recently proposed charge increases for three months to assist the UK aviation industry in these difficult times.

  • 19 Mar - Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Theoretical Knowledge Examination (apply for an extra 6-month extension) Completion Period as required by Commission Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 as amended.

  • 19 Mar - ORS4 No.1352: Part 147 Exemption for Basic Training Schools against the 90% Attendance Requirement.

  • 18 Mar - Multiple UK flying school temporary closures. 

  • 16 Mar - If you work for an airline or business jet company then you might be able to extend the validity of your licence. ORS4 No.1350: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Licence Proficiency Checks as required by Commission Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 as amende.

  • 18 Mar - CAA Exam centre closures and restrictions. Follow the link and click 'Exam.

  • 16 Mar - If you work for an airline or business jet company then you might be able to extend the validity of your licence. ORS4 No.1351: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Operator's Proficiency Checks as required by Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 of 5 October 2012.

  • 16 Mar - Many European flying schools and academies are closed. This includes all schools in France and Spain. This includes many of the fair-weather training bases for UK schools.

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