UKFlying are proud to recommend AirlinePrep for your airline pilot interview and assessment preparation requirements. AirlinePrep are the leading UK and European airline pilot interview and assessment preparation company, with a team of 14 pilot instructors who between them have recruited for airlines including Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook and Thomson/TUI. They’ve sat on both sides of the recruitment table, passing airline selections and then recruiting pilots. The team have over 100,000 hours of commercial and military flying experience and AirlinePrep courses are used by The British Airline Pilots Association, Bristol Groundschool, The Wings Alliance and The Aviation Skills Partnership guaranteeing a quality and trusted product.


AirlinePrep offer the following services for both aspiring and current pilots:


  • Personalised CV and cover letters, created by pilot recruiters and unique to you!

  • One day interview, group exercise and assessment course including full written feedback

  • Half day technical and competency interview courses including full written feedback

  • AirlinePrep The App for your home and distance preparation

  • Simulator assessment preparation

  • Two day flight deck management skills course, preparing you for Command


Aspiring Pilots - We’ve helped hundreds of future airline pilots prepare for selection with L3, CAE, FTE and the airline cadet schemes. We were once cadet pilots and we know skills, competencies and personal attributes the flight schools and airlines are looking for in their future pilots. We’ll arm you with the skills and knowledge, so that you can successfully demonstrate your own experience and helping you to get noticed by the recruiters.


"The Airline Prep full day course was fantastic. Three very experienced Captains sharing crucial information about the more 'behind the scenes' side of airline recruitment. They were meticulously attentive, managing to analyse us individually despite being in a group (4), which was summarised in a very depth personalised report at the end. I now have a comprehensive document detailing aspects to improve on which I feel will be absolutely conducive to my success. Thoroughly worth the money and thoroughly recommended.”


Experienced and Military Pilots - Our courses are designed to ensure you feel confident at your airline pilot assessment. Preparation is key to success and we’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills, so that you can highlight your aviation experience in a way that meets the requirements of the airline HR and pilot recruiters. Our courses focus on strategies so that you understand the best way to articulate your answers for both the HR competency and pilot technical interviews as well as best practice techniques for the group exercise and case study scenarios. We believe in equipping you with the skills to successfully sell yourself and demonstrate your strengths. Our customers have successfully gained jobs with all the UK, European low-cost and Middle Eastern airlines.


"Like many, my childhood dream is to be a pilot and having been selected to attend an airline assessment centre, I was both excited and nervous and felt like I needed some help. I discovered Airlineprep and was really impressed by their approach and decided to attend a Group Assessment Course - hands down the best investment I've ever made for my career! The team have all got first hand experience, are friendly, approachable and will share insights with you that you won't find anywhere else. I can honestly say no matter what your career background or experiences, there will be something invaluable you will learn about yourself and the process to help you become a pilot. Everyone wants your money these days but few people deliver the goods. Thank you Jamie and the team!"


Our personalised and professional courses focus on our customers learning and developing with the mantra that ‘Knowledge + Practice + Skills = Success’. AirlinePrep created by pilots, for pilots.





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